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How to use this software.

This software demonstrates how similar two texts are. It can not determine if plagiarism has occured, only if it possibly has. Nor can it determine who has copied who when plagiarism has occured.

To aid in preprocessing your texts, the remove numbers check box removes all digits, and the remove quotes check box removes single and double quotes. The remove punctuation check box removes full stops, commas, colons, semi colons, round brackets, question marks and exclamation marks. Selecting all three options also converts the text to uppercase.

To use, enter the two texts you wish to check, select any preprocessing options you require, and then click on the compare button. Wait until the script has run, selecting the continue opton if you get a warning suggesting the script may have stopped running. It most likely has not, you are just processing large texts.

The percentage of identical trigrams indicates how similar the two texts are. Anything above 3% to 5% should be regarded as suspicious, especially if the phrase length frequency table has several entries over 5 to 7 contiguous words.

The text in the trigram listing area is a list of all the trigrams. Those in red are trigrams found in both texts. Where two or more trigrams are contiguous indicates sections of text that may have been plagiarised.

The phrase length frequency graph displays the various phrases of three or more trigrams in length. If the graph does not display, it is due to a limitation of HTML, and simply means your comparision texts are too large for the graph software. This does not invalidate the rest of the software.

The very first field (which currently contains "Wilson Media Systems - 3gram analysis") is editable so that you can use it to identify what you are testing should you wish to print out the report summary. You can also toggle the visibility of the input, trigram listing and help sections for printing purposes once you have ran the test.

IMPORTANT Wilson Media Systems is not responsible for any misuse of this software. So please verify any results found when using it. Please download the user manual for a more detailed explanation (with examples) of how to use this software.